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    Welcome to Compassionate Lucy's senior Home Care Frequently Asked Questions' Page!

    What is live-in care?

    Assistance for seniors looking for a comprehensive alternative to assisted living facility and the safety and comfort of 24 hour or monitored care in their own home.

    Does a live-in caregiver move in?

    No. A Caregiver will stay in the home for the duration of their shift which may be up to four days, but there is a qualified caregiver on-call 24 hours a day.

    Is the caregiver limited to in-home care?

    No. Our caregivers will provide the services necessary for a happier, healthier life including physical and social opportunities.

    How flexible are the services provided?

    We work tirelessly to understand each client.s needs to create a customized plan of care that is best suited to the client. Our caregivers make a difference, excellent in what we do with honesty and respect in how we do it.

    Care for Mom and Dad!